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  • Spagyric hemp extract for athletic performance and focus
    As an avid fitness enthusiast, I often experience muscle soreness and fatigue after a hard workout or skate session. After a particularly intense training session, it can take up to two or three days to fully recover. This has led me to search for ways to recover faster. The medical term for this is called […]
  • What is a Spagyric Extract?
    CBD Piggy has rediscovered an amazing way to reconnect with nature and nutrition using a new way of creating hemp extract! While many other manufacturers rely on oils that end up highly refined, CBD Piggy goes for the black gold known as spagyric extract. This heavy, thick, tarlike substance contains almost all of the hemp […]
  • What kind of terpenes are beneficial for health?
    Terpenes are naturally derived compounds found in plants. The name comes from turpentine which is a natural substance made from pine tree sap. Terpenes have been used for a very long time as preservatives, naturally-sourced cleaning products, and medicine. We chose to use them in our tinctures and body oils because they are reported to […]
  • Benefits of hemp with plant-based DHA and ALA
    What is DHA? Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, is an Omega-3 fatty acid that is used in our tinctures as a carrier oil. This oil is found in fish and plant based algae, from microscopic single-celled algae to large-scale kelp colonies. In humans, it is most abundant in the brain and in the retina. This oil […]
  • Best essential oils for medical grade hemp skincare
    We are thrilled to introduce you to the gold standard of medicinal grade hemp! We use a rare form of hemp called “Spagyric Hemp Extract.” In this extract, every part of the plant is meticulously preserved to increase medicinal benefits. Alkaline minerals from the plant are added back while the extract is fresh, preserving the […]
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