Crash Flow Healing Oil

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Body oil perfect for recovering athletes that helps with soreness, inflammation, and scars. Try out a bottle today!


CBD Piggy has joined forces with professional skateboarder Eli Reed to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis!

Crash Flow Healing Oil was developed for athletes struggling with aching muscles and joints. We believe products like ours will revolutionize pain treatment forever. Say goodbye to big pharma and hello to CBD Piggy!

Use this oil for aches or throbbing pain, stiff joints, bruises, redness & swelling, headaches, dry or scarred skin, body odor, and more. Patch test for very sensitive skin.

Crash Flow Healing Oil is made with proven medicinal plant extracts, well-respected in the skincare industry for treating sensitive skin issues and more. Experience the power of mother nature’s finest medicines with every application!

This oil is based on our body oil. We added the following ingredients to add to the therapeutic benefits and impart a pleasant scent.


Blue Chamomile Co2 Extract
Bisabolol- Enhances delivery into the skin
Farnesene- An anti-spasmodic and muscle relaxant.
Matricin- A unique anti-inflammatory.
Apigenin- Binds to the same receptors as benzodiazepine drugs, relaxant and possible pain reliever.

Sandalwood Oil
Alpha Santanol & Beta Santanol-
A magnificent perfume and skin inflammation reducer. Has evidence of inducing
cancer cell death.

CBG- Mother of all cannabinoids.
Alpha- Pinene- An antimicrobial
and possible pain reliever.
Beta-Selinine – An antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
Gamma-curcumene- Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, especially against
candida albicans.

Boswellic acid- Helpful against arthritis.

Rose Co2 Extract
Known for helping with skin problems,
depression, and hormonal issues, imparts
luxurious and therapeutic scent.

Check out our blog for more in depth information on the ingredients

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CBD Piggy, Eli Reed Crash Flow


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4 reviews for Crash Flow Healing Oil

  1. Jen (verified owner)

    I was given a sample of this oil at the usacbdexpo in Chicago. I didn’t try it until I was looking for some moisturizer for my face to walk my dog. I used only a few drops because of how dark it looked. In a few minutes i felt my face relax even though it was a cold and windy day. Wow! Even with the wind blowing in my face it felt much less intense than usual. It has a earthy scent but it is not overpowering and the floral notes make it not smell unpleasant. It almost smells like chocolate and roses. I bought another bottle to use for my knee that flares up after standing several hours. It stops the pain almost completely and i feel ready to walk more. When I gave it to my friend for her sciatica it helped her feel much better after putting it on in the morning too. It is a great product for pain.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Tried this oil at the suggestion of my pt. I have pain in my knee after replacement surgery. This takes the pain off your mind. Massage it in for a minute And pain is gone.

  3. Vince (verified owner)

    My neighbor recommended this oil for joint pain. My mcl tendon was torn from a basketball injury and it flares up after hard exercise. After using this oil the sharp pain is gone and I can walk without pain. Makes life a lot easier.

  4. Matthew Francis

    These guys came into my smoke shop and gave me an entire bottle to use on myself, friends, family. So I took it since I have arthritis and I get very painful inflammation in my shoulders/neck/spine.

    I got home and slathered a liberal amount to pretty much the whole upper half of my body and I got relief in a matter of minutes, like no -can’t-get-comfortable-pain I’m able to relax and enjoy a show. I couldn’t have asked for a better product to walk into my life.
    I’ll be ordering more when I run out 10/10

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