Gelato Acid Drops


1200 mg (75mg/ml) GELATO flavor Omega 3 Acid Based full spectrum CBD oil tincture. ALA + DHA + Terpenes. Suggested Use: Place one dropper full under the tongue. Hold for one minute, swallow. Recommended for EVENING use. KEEP REFRIGERATED!
Ingredients: Organic Hemp (Spagyrically extracted), chia oil, algae oil, flax oil, MCT oil, and flavors.
Terpene Profile: Terpene Profile: 29% Myrcene, 22% B-Caryophyllene, 13% Limonene, 12% Terpinolene, 9% a-Pinene, 7% Humulene, 5% Linalool, 3% Ocimene.


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