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CBD Piggy Grape Raw Drops

CBD Piggy grape raw drops contain a organic spagyric hemp extract, naturally derived terpenes, and mct (coconut) oil. The spagyric raw hemp extract is what makes this product so effective. The reason it works so well is because its filled with recombined minerals from the burnt-down biomass making the extract work more efficiently and have more health benefits. We then add a special blend of naturally derived terpenes which enhance the flavor profile and aid in producing the entourage effect. The main terpene we chose is myrcene, for its sedating, relaxing effects, making you feel much looser and more relaxed which is perfect for nighttime use. Finally we picked MCT (coconut) oil to carry this oil to victory! Grab a bottle today and feel the difference for yourself.

Concentration: 1500 mg/16mL (94mg/mL)

Suggested Use: Place one dropper full under the tongue. Hold for one minute, swallow. If you are unfamiliar with taking CBD products, start with 5-6 drops.

Recommended for DAYTIME use.

Storage: KEEP REFRIGERATED! and away from children.


MCT oil, organic raw spagyric hemp extract, flavoring, sucralose. Contains Coconut.


36% Myrcene, 22% β-Caryophellene, 6% a-Pinene, 6% β-Pinene, 6% Humulene, 6% Limonene, 5% Terpinolene, 5% a-Bisabolol, 5% Ocimene, 3% Linalool

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